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Fall 2003 Course Description:


Professor George Francis
MWF 10:00 am Section C1 and 11:00 am Section D1
147 Altgeld Hall
contact:, 344 Illini Hall, 333-4794
Text: Michael Hvidsten, Exploring Geometry, 2003

From the introduction to Hvidsten's textbook:
"Geometry is one of the richest areas for mathematical exploration. The visual aspects of the subject make exploration and experimentation natural and intuitive. At the same time, the abstractions developed to explain geometric patterns and connections make the subject extremely powerful and applicable to a wide variety of physical situations. In this book [and course] we give equal weight to intuitive and imaginative exploration of geometry as well as to abstract abstract reasoning and proofs."

To enable our pursuit of these twin goals we will use the Geometry Explorer software package that accompanies the text. We will use a balanced mixture of contemporary and classical learning techniques, including active learning sessions, project reports, webpages, graded homework, quizzes and tests. This page is the portal to a web-tree of useful information that will accumulate over the semester. Set your bookmarks to it, and consult it often. In a addition to weekly homework and reports (50% of the grade) there will be two hourlies (26sep03 and 21nov03) and a 3hr written final (Monday 8dec03 and Wednesday 10dec03 both at 8am). Please make a note of these dates and resolve conflicts early in the semester.