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Fall 1999 Course Description:

Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems, Math 285

Professor George Francis

Office: 344 Illini Hall, 333-4794

Time: 1:00 am MWF 245 Altgeld

Consultation:: by appointment, by e-mail, by phone.

Lab: UIMATH.grafiXlab, 102/110 Altgeld Hall, 3-5565.

Text:Edwards & Penney, "Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems: Computing and Modeling", Prentice Hall, 1999

Section E1 of the course addresses linear systems of differential equations and applications.

Also, my section will have a serious computer lab component. Students with adequate programming experience and energy will be encouraged to create a term-project illustrating the material they learned in the course. Students without programming experience or interest will use custom software (mostly built by former students) to perform prescribed experiments on famous 3-D nonlinear dynamical systems and their strange attractors.

Here is the initial (departmental) syllabus. Amplifications and modifications will appear here. And here is the current tutoring room assignments. Please be sure you consult this webpage regularly.

Current information, like homework assignments, quizzes and tests follows the rotating "new" signal.

The final is in the afternoon of Monday, 13 December.
The midterm is on Friday, 15 October.
The first test is on Friday, 10 September, and covers Chapter 1.
Homework will be assigned regularly and graded as TA resources permit.
Your semester grade will be curved and based on the final (3), semester project (1), midterm (1), hourlies(1 each), quizzes and homework (2) weighted as given.