First, I want to test a way of your reading an a .gif image of a .ps file on your home system which will make it easier to decipher formulas. So, can you read

quiz2 well enough?

Please submit a project proposal on Friday, 2mar99. The project needs to be related the vector calculus to some application, either theoretical (e.g. Maxwell's equations) or practical (e.g. a computer graphics program.) or in yet some other way.

Here are some ideas I discussed in class on Monday:

1. Your own idea. Make a suggestion and let me edit it.

2. A computer program that helps visualize vector calculus.

2a. Your own idea, if you know how to program (e.g. Java, Mathematica, C/C++ )

2b. Using Cyclone98 in the Math PClab. You'll need a tutorial on that. Once you know how to use this program, you'll investigate some surfaces and describe them.

3. An expository paper on a historical application of the vector calculus. (Use library, web, etc.)