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Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, 2006

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Monday, 8 May 2006

In the grafiXlab, 102 Altgeld

1:30pm Monday 8 May 2006
Andrew McComick A VPython Zoo
This project presents examples of cellular automata, iterated function systems and 3D fractals programmed in the VPython language.

2:00pm Monday 8 May 2006
Ryan Mulligan and Andrew OFisher Shared Worlds with Syzygy
This project presents several possible ways to configure a heterogeneous cluster of graphics computers, a Syzygy Phleet, on which to implement experiments the shared-world, Myriad, facility in Syzygy powered virtual environments, such as the CAVE and the CUBE. A Python extension, VPortage for porting VPython scripts into Syzygy is also demonstrated.

2:30pm Monday 8 May 2007
Emily Echevarria HorseWalk: An Exloration into Animation
This VPython project animates a horse and rider by means of a scene-graph. The horse and rider puppets are adapted to run in the CUBE using VPortage.

2:45pm Monday 8 May 2006
Andrew Quitmeyer zVid: Realtime Video on a Cube
This project is a distributed scenegraph application for Syzygy powered virtual environments which applies videoframes as real-time texture mapped movies on the faces of a tumbling cube.

3:00pm Monday 8 May 2006
Michael Mangialardi, QuasiCrystals
A project to implement Tony Robbin's quasicrystal projection programs to the a Syzygy distributed scenegraph application.

3:30pm Monday 8 May 2006
Kyle Wilkinson, A Dynamical System Machine in Syzygy
This dynamical system application implements on-the-fly switches between two or more user-specified 3D dynamical systems with strange attractors, such as the Lorenz and the Roessler. The VE-navigator can switch between flying about the scene to change the view, or riding on a particle.

4:40pm Monday 8 May 2006
David Stolarsky zSounds
An implementation of fast-fourier transforms to visualizing streams of sound data.

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

In the CUBE, Basment of the Beckman Institute
Or in the CAVE, 3rd Floor of the Beckman Institute

1:00pm Wednesday 10 May 2006
Andrew Wilkinson

1:30pm Wednesday 10 May 2006
Andrew Quitmeyer

l:40pm Wednesday 10 May 2006
Emily Echevarria

2:00pm Wednesday 10 May 2006
Andrew Ofisher and Ryan Mulligan

2:20pm Wednesday 10 May 2006
Mike Mangialardi