Oz at illiMath 2006

Oz will, hopefully, be an interactive rtica that allows the user to navigate through other CUBE/CAVE/CANVAS applications in an interesting, visually appealing yet easy way.

szg-skeleton.zip - Jum Crowell's szg skeleton program in C++.
oz.zip - A zip file that includes Oz code and images (up to date as of July 16).
pyOz.zip - A zip file that includes the Python version of Oz that doesn't work yet.
images.zip - Another zip file including the photos and images that have gone into Oz.
conceptual photos - These illustrate what Oz may end up looking like.
weekly reports - Here are weekly reports on Oz's (and Abby's) progress.
website e-mail - This is an e-mail from George that explains how to make a website on the new.math server.

e-mail Abby