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illiMath2006: an REU of
Geometrical Visualization in Virtual Environments

11 June - 4 August
Student Principle Investigator: Christopher Rainey

My Project:

Projects of illiMath2006 Research Experience for Undegraduates, Mathematics Department, University of Illinois at Urbana (UIUC), directed by Prof. George Francis, are the work of the student principal investigator (SPI) and their assiated mentor (AM) and/or corresponding mentor (CM). Other student investigators (SI) assist.

"illiDyne" SPI: Chris Rainey; SI: Emily Echevarria; AM: George Francis;

This project greatly expands upon several previous Syzygy RTICA where users view and interact with a series of chaotic and non-chaotic 3D dynamical systems in the CUBE. These include the Lorenz, Roessler, Rainey, Rabinovich-Frabrikant, and 2D non-linear systems such as the Lienard-VanderPol. As a DSG-Python application, the user can modify the code by inserting new dynamical systems, and investigate these collaboratively with Myriad. This project builds upon previous applications written by Stan Blank, Ben Schaeffer, and Kyle Wilkinson.

ATPsynth and illiDyne will be presented as an MAA talk at Session 5, Room 200A, 3:40pm Friday 11aug06, at Mathfest, Knoxville, TN, August, 2006.

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