[wicked surface normals] Paul Prue

My project for illiMath 2006 is the creation of a real-time interactive computer animation (RTICA) in the Syzygy/POV-Ray platform currently under development at the Beckman Institute's ISL and at Duke University.

Raytracing is an approach to image rendering fundamentally different from polygon rendering in its treatment of surfaces and light.



As a means of ``rapid prototyping'' for existing POV-Ray scene files, I developed szgpovskel.py, which allows the user to bring POV-Ray scenes into Syzygy without modification (in many, if not most, cases).


Interactive simulation requires more than immersion. How do we effect changes in a szgpov-based RTICA at the POV-Ray scene description level, from within the virtual environment?

Interactive parameter passing.


Good tips for giving an academic talk: http://www.si.umich.edu/~pne/PDF/howtotalk.pdf

I coordinated the design of our im2006 T-shirt.

E-mail: p_prue@go.com
Home page: http://new.math.uiuc.edu/im2006/prue/