Welcome to EggMath

This is the EggMath version 1.5, a collection of web modules (including many interactive applets) covering different topics in mathematics related to eggs; it is intended for use in K-12 classrooms, as in the Chickscope project at the Beckman Institute.

EggMath was created by Professors Steve Bradlow and John Sullivan of the UIUC Math Department, with Stuart Levy of the NCSA, and Brian Klamik.

The current modules deal with

See also the complete site map.

Possibilities for future additions include adding more to the section on nonEuclidean geometry (including how to compute surface area of surfaces of revolution), and adding a module on topology (how to distinguish an egg from a donut or a pretzel).

We're always open to other suggestions. Send in your EGGcelent ideas for future modules by email to the development team.

Eggmath was selected as the Math Forum Hot Spot for the month of April 2003.