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Computer Visualization in
Experimental Mathematics 2019

George K. Francis, Prof. emer.
Illinois Graphics Lab (IGL)
Mathematics Department, U.Illinois, Urbana

This project is about enabling mathematicians to communicate their research to a wider audience. The human brain receives 90 percent of its information visually, and devotes ten times as much of the cortex to vision (30pc) than it does to hearing. With the advent of computer graphics (CG), we have easy access to 2,3,4 and more dimensional drawing and animation. CG has become important even in math, and as an essential part of a new discipline that William Thurston called Experimental Mathematics.

We invite a member of any IGL project team to join us (even if only occasionally) to learn how to illustrate their subject more vividly. Emphasis is on programming real-time interactive computer animations which are accessible over the Internet on any browser.

For now, you will find more information in the original IGL Project Propposal 24jul19. Although this is not a continuation of an earlier IGL project, Stability of Quasicrystal Frameworks, have a look at the page for an idea what previous IGL students accomplished. For links to other possible items of interest, see my new.math web-portal page.