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Students presenting in each of the three blocks are expected to be present for the entire session. Order and times within each session may change as current circumstances warrant. Please checkout how to use the projection equipment for your presentation ahead of time.

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Public Presentations of MA198/CS199 Projects
UIMATH grafiXlab , 102 Altgeld Hall

Monday Afternoon, 15 December 2014, 102 Altgeld

1:30PM Katie Bora Fencing Woman: Articulated Animation in VPython
2:00PM Brandon Drager Modeling Electron Orbitals in VPython
2:30PM Jonathan Pickett 3D Rubik's Cube in HTML5/Javascript
3:00PM Jack Coutre SpaceWars2.0: Famous Arcade Game Reproduction in HTML5/Javascript
3:30PM Jeffrey Pekosh Asteroids: Lagrange Points and The Circular Restricted 3-Body Problem in VPython
4:00PM Jake Dluhy Controlling a Quadrotor in HTML5/Javascript

Tuesday Afternoon, 16 December 2014, 102 Altgeld

1:30PM Connor Bailey Crystallography in VPython in VPython
2:00PM Graham EllinghausenLissajous Curves in the Third Dimension in HTML5/Javascript
2:30PM Gilad Margalit Stability of an Artificial Force in VPython
3:00PM Patrick Regan Forcing Chemistry: Comparing Intermolecular Forces of Molecules in VPython
3:30PM Sam Stephens Liouville's Theorem for Hamiltonian Systems in Python/OpenGL
4:00PM Sam Sagan Koch Surface Convergence in C++/OpenGL

Wednesday Aternoon, 17 December 2014, 102 Altgeld

1:30PM Devin Akman illiKnot:Visualizing Thickened Knots in 3-Space in C++/OpenGL
2:00PM Anish Bhattacharya Young's Double Slit Experiment in VPython
2:30PM Andy Geldean Map Projections in HTML5/Javascript
3:00PM John Ryan Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction in VPython
3:30PM Elijah Harrison> Finding Exoplanets Using the Doppler Effect in VPython
4:00PM Robert Andrews Meta-Complex Function Graphs in C++/OpenGL