Hi! I'm Rishabh Marya, a Computer Science major at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I am passionate about learning how to use new technologies, and then apply them in interesting ways to develop new and useful applications

The aim of this project is to allow users to draw 3D figures by moving their phones in 3-space. The idea is to track and replicate the motion of your phone. The application uses sensors built into the phone and the result can be seen on any web-browser thereby eliminating the need to buy any expensive hardware devices.

You are currently viewing a static version of this website. The live version is available on

TiltedLamp.JS is a JavaScript API that I am currently developing with a friend, Matthew Wesly, that allows developers to easily establish a connection between their javascript applications and mobile devices. All they need to do is implement our library, and upload their application to our servers. The API is at its nascent stage, but this project has been uploaded and is running live.

We hope to soon upload documentation for TiltedLamp.JS