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Students presenting in each of the three blocks are expected to be present for the entire session. Order and times within each session may change as current circumstances warrant.

Public Presentations of MA198/CS199 Projects
Illinois Geometry Lab, 102 Altgeld Hall

Monday Afternoon, 16 December 2013, 102 Altgeld

1:30PM Dan Petrisko Visualizing Data Structures: In HTML5/Javascript
2:00PM Austin Graf Double Pendulum : Nonlinear Mechanics in VPython
2:30PM Kevin Doherty Punching Man: Articulated Animation in VPython
3:00PM Ramya Babu Swimming Man: Articulated Animation in HTML5/Javascript
3:30PM Yuliya Semibratova Koch in 3D : Extruded Fractal Surfaces in Python/OpenGL
4:00PM David Prorok Fear the Sphere: 2D Collision Mechanics in Java and PyOGL/PyGame

Wednesday Aternoon, 18 December 2013, 102 Altgeld

1:30PM Aardvark Ivanhoe : A Dubious Experiment in Levity
2:00PM Michael Miller SimpleOpt: Topological Optimization in Java/ZenGraphics
2:30PM Sean Cashin Variable Magnetic Field: Particle Mechanics in VPython
3:00PM Shunhua "Sam" Fu Flows with Strange Attractors: Particle Mechanics in HTML5/Javascript
3:30PM Vassil Mladenov HyperSnake : The Classic Game in 4D. Python/OpenGL
4:00PM Matthew Jordan 4D Brickout Game: Collision Mechanics in C++/OpenGL

Thursday Afternoon, 19 December 2013, 102 Altgeld

1:30PM Brendan Moriarty Ulam's Spiral: in HTML5/Javascript
2:00PM Alec Mori The Westergame: Redesigning a Quasicrystal Rigidity Solution in Python/OpenGL
2:30PM Erik Kountz Visualizing NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Python/OpenGL
3:00PM Rishabh Marya Drawing in Thin Air: An Android 3D Paintbrush in HTML5/Javascript