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Students presenting in each of the three blocks are expected to be present for the entire session. Order and times within each session may change as current circumstances warrant.

Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, REU Lab, 102 Altgeld

Monday, 12 December 2011, 102 Altgeld Hall

1:00PM Tyler Ingram Orndroids: A Flock Simulation Program.
1:30PM Se-Joon Chung FrameSJC: A VPython-Syzygy Portage.
2:00PM Matt Piper Running Guy:An Animated Blobby Man.
2:30PM Zachary Reizner Mandy Jule: A Mandelbrot-Julia Simulation with GPUs.
3:00PM Adam Rosenbaum Hypercube: A Realisation of Banchoff's Classic.
3:30PM Nicholas Langhammer Lindfern: An Implementation of Lindenmeyer Systems.
4:00PM Max Evers 3D-Life: An 3D Generalization of Conway's Classic Automaton.

Wednesday, 12 December 2011, 102 Altgeld Hall

1:00PM Matt Hoffman Complex Function Grapher :A Cube Implementation of Banchoff's Classic.
1:30PM Albert Xiao Orrery 2011: An Interactive Solar System.
2:00PM Bradley Sturt Sticky Spheres: On Elastic and Inelastic Collisions.
2:30PM Monica Jarboe Volterra: On Preditor Prey Equations
3:00PM Chee Haw Chan Maze2D, Maze4D: Python and C Mazes in Many Dimensions.
3:30PM Alex Paul Slicing 4D Fractals: On Quaternionic Julia Sets.

Thursday, 13 December 2011, Illinois Simulator Laboratory

2:00 - 4:00 PM Public Demos of Real Time Interactive Cube Animations by the following students.

Se-Joon Chung The FrameSJC VPython-Syzygy Portage.
FrameSJC is the latest way of showing animations written for the non-portable module for Python in the Cube by threading the Syzygy libraries with The idea originated with
Ryan Mulligan and Andrew Ofisher MA198, 2006, who built a portage from VPython to the Distributed Scenegraph machinery of Syzygy, which is no longer available.

Matt Piper Running Guy: a FrameSJC application.
This is an modification and extension of Sarah Hovey, 2010 Workout Guy: a FrameSJC application. The first of these Blobby Men in the Cube was Emily Echevarria, 2006 Horsewalk. The first of in the CAVE was Sherwin Tam, 1996 Illi Joe
. Matt Hoffman Complex Function Grapher in the Cube: Homage a Tom Banchoff..
Zachary Reizner A Mandelbrot-Julia Simulation with GPUs.
Chee Haw Chen and Justin Schirle, 2010 Porting Michael Pelsmajer, 1998 Maze4D from the CAVE to th Cube.