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Presentations within each of the 4 blocks may be shuffled for technical reasons. Presenters are expected to be present from the start of their session.

Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, REU Lab, 102 Altgeld

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

9:00 AM Tuesday
Jacob Metzger Bending Energy: Concrete Beam Deflection.
9:30 AM Tuesday
Sarah Hovey Workout Guy Jim Blinn's Blobby Man does aerobics in VPython.
10:00 AM Tuesday
Suharsh Sivakumar PredPrey A cellular automaton simulating the Lotka-Volterra predator prey model in PyOpenGL.
10:30 AM Tuesday
Myank Kejriwal VGolf: An interactive game in VPython.
11:00 AM Tuesday
Ilana Strauss Plowing the Dark Author and director of a Cube project to illustrate Richard Powers's book.
Sylvia Niemira Plowing the Dark Creating the textures for the skybox and furniture with Adobe Illustrator.
David Colburn Plowing the Dark Assembling VanGhogh's Bedroom in the Cube in pySyzygy.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

1:00 PM Tuesday
Alesia Prakapenka Action Potential: Simulation of a neuronal axon as a CA in PyOpenGL.
1:30 PM Tuesday
Jesse Kearns Surf4D: Exploring shadows from the 4th dimension with CaveMathematica
2:00 PM Tuesday
Chris Moss HyperLatin^2 A game of Latin Squares (a.k.a. Sudoku) in mvc98/OpenGL.
2:30 PM Tuesday
Yang Fan Robotics
3:00 PM Tuesday
Robby Regalbuto SoundScope: Virtual Sound Server (VSS) implementation and applications for Syzygy.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

9:00 AM Tuesday
Anna Galusza Snowflake Simulation of the formation of a snowflakes in pyOpenGL.
9:30 AM Tuesday
Rachel Garrick GraviStuck
10:00 AM Tuesday
Lara Sanoica LeveRoot: A history of Indo-European languages using Levenshtein distance.
10:30 AM Tuesday
David Schmid FlightHeight: 3D View Cue You Use.
11:00 AM Tuesday
Rohan Shah Fractacular Rendering the Mandelbrot set and its Julia set in Java.
Jon Graven FractalIFS Rendering the Sierpiensky Pyramid fractal Cantor set in PyOpenGL.
Sean Abraham Spongebob Cubepants Rendering the Menger Sponge fractal Cantor set for the Cube in C++/Syzygy.