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Presentation times may be advanced up 20 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, REU Lab, 102 Altgeld

Friday, 11 December 2009

2:00 PM Friday 1
Andrew Lee VPython Robot Arm
2:30 PM Friday 1
Rebecca Reizner Mathing: A Game of Equation Making
3:00 PM Friday 1
Curtis Woodruff Bouncing Around
Jeffrey Zhou Bouncing Around
3:30 PM Friday 1
Raeed Chowdhury VSS for illiMath

Monday, 14 December 2009

2:00 PM Monday
Connor Simmons Navigating a 4D Maze
2:30 PM Monday
John Hoffman AIRES Cosmic Ray Simulation in the Cube
3:00 PM Monday
Cori Johnson 3D Labyrinth
3:30 PM Monday
Liz Pyde illiArt: A 3D Animation of a 2D Painting
4:00 PM Monday
Matt Farrell Solenoid

Friday, 18 December 2009

12:00 PM Friday 2
Ryan Young illiVirus: T4 Bacteriophage
12:30 PM Friday 2
Ben Rosborough Calabi-Yau Shapes
1:00 PM Friday 2
Chris Bisom Scribble
1:30 PM Friday 2
Joe Serio Kleinbottle
2:00 PM Friday 2
Justin Kopinsky VPython