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Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, 2005

grafiXlab, 102 Altgeld, and
CAVE, 3415 Beckman Institute
Consult this site for any schedule changes.

Monday, 9 May 2005

2:00pm Monday 9 May 2005
David Burghoff, PyIon: A Simulation of the Behavior of Ionized Gas Particles.

2:30pm Monday 9 May 2005
William Baker, Splinester: A Real-time Interactive Application for Building and Riding CR Splines.

3:00pm Monday 9 May 2005
Jacob Lee, LJGraph: Graph Visualization Using Physical Simulation.

3:30pm Monday 9 May 2005
Jeffrey Pompe, Vspline: A Bezier Spline Wizard for Vpython.

4:00pm Monday 9 May 2005
John VanderVennett, Vpool: A Billiards Simulation in Vpython

4:30pm Monday 9 May 2005
Harish Tella, Stoked3D A 3D Implementation of Jos Stam Simple Solver for Gas and Smoke.

Friday, 13 May 2005

2:00pm Friday 14 May 2004
Luis Mendes, Evolve Reloaded: A pyCAVE implementation of Stanislav Ulam's Cellular Automaton

2:30pm Friday 13 May 2005
Paul Camann, Ribbons:Phase Portraits of Dynamical Systems in Vpython.

3:00pm Friday 13 May 2005
Soumi Sinha, pyNurbs: A Python Tutorial on Nurbs.

3:30pm Friday 13 May 2005
Mark TenPas, PyRoll: A Python Gravity Well Simulation.

4:00pm Friday 13 May 2005
Ian Maund, Vautomata: Wolfram Style Cellular Automata in Vpython.

4:30pm Friday 13 May 2005
Adam Harrell, QuasiCrystals: An Implementation of Tony Robbin's Art in the CUBE.

5:00pm Friday 13 May 2005