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Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, 2004

Rennaissance Experimental Lab of the NCSA
Room 3414 Beckman Institute
Consult this site for any schedule changes.

Thursday, 13 May 2004

2:00pm Thursday 13 May 2004
Michael Fisher Skel++: An Object-oriented Upgrade of illiSkel in C++.

2:30pm Thursday 13 May 2004
Justin King Maestro: Implementing Sound in illiMath RTICAs with VSS.

3:00pm Thursday 13 May 2004
Muni Nakamura illi4dt3: Tic-tac-toe in Hyperspace, d=2,3,4,....

3:30pm Thursday 13 May 2004
David Bergman illiAmp: An Introspection into the Nature of Current (in the CAVE).

4:00pm Thursday 13 May 2004
Roger Hsiao illiBJT: A Journey Deep into the Wonderful World of Semiconductors (in the CAVE).

4:30pm Thursday 13 May 2004
Ben Kaduk Psi2: An Experiment in Visualizing Molecular Orbitals (in the CAVE).

Friday, 15 May 2004

1:30pm Friday 14 May 2004
Carl Press illiPong: An n-dimensional Version of the Classic Video Game "Pong".

2:00pm Friday 14 May 2004
Lydia Majure illiWave: An Experiment in Bilateral CAVE control of an Avatar.

2:30pm Friday 14 May 2004
James Falkoff illiMorph: Real-time Morphing of Surfaces into New Coordinate Systems.