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illiCombo: A interactive editor for homotopies of sliced surfaces.


There remains several sphere eversions that have not yet been realized as real-time interactive computere animations (RTICA). Two (technically related) of these are the Tony Phillips eversion (Scientific American, 1966) which is the first published eversion, and Bryce DeWitt (maybe non-) eversion. The latter was proposed (but never "proved") in 1967 at the same Batelle conference which spawned the Froissart-Morin eversion. Both eversions are based on horizontal slices (plane curves) of a surface undergoing a regular homotopy.

In 1992, Glenn Chappell and Chris Hartman began work on this project with the completion of an IrisGL splined surface renderer, Philever. In 1996, Stik Stiak translated the IrisGL program into OpenGL, using the GLX-library. In 2001 Doug Nachand translated Philever into OpenGL using the GLX-libraries which compiles on PC-platforms (Windows and Linux.) He also built a GUI for drawing and editing the level curves which define the surfaces. In 2002 he completed illiCombo, a combination of Philever with his interactive curve editor.