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Public Presentations of Math 198 Projects, 2002

Rennaissance Experimental Lab of the NCSA
Room 3414 Beckman Institute
Consult this site for any schedule changes.

Monday, 6 May 2002

3:00pm Monday 6 May 2002
Alex Picel iBoltz Simulating the statistical mechanics of aerosol particles in Brownian motion under gravity.

3:30pm Monday 6 May 2002
Darin Pike illiSolarSystem An articulated hierarchy of suns, planets, and moons, with a choice of which is the center of the the system.

4:00pm Monday 6 May 2002
Kate Werner illiSkater An articulated doll simulates the author performing the axel skating figure.

4:30pm Monday 6 May 2002
Brian Holt illiPascal An interactive animation of the 3D generalizations of Pascal's Triangle.

Wednesday, 8 May 2002

3:00 pm Wednesday 8 May 2002
Janet Chao Origami Graphics
3:30pm Wednesday 8 May 2002
Yana Malyshev illiPaper
A real-time interactive computer animation of the Fortune Teller origami figure.

4:00pm Wednesday 8 May 2002
Steve Shanbaum illiShifter A real-time interactive CAVE animation of non-Euclidean isometries applied to familar scenes.

4:30pm Wednesday 10 May 2002
Patrick Draper Relativity A real-time interactive CAVE animation investigating relativistic motion of particles in Matt Hall's "Glom" CAVE toy.

Thursday , 9 May 2002

10:00am Thursday 9 May 2002
Luke St.Clair illiWire The relativistic motion of electrons in a circular wire in the presence of a positive charge in moving and stationay frames.

10:30am Thursday 9 May 2002
Ben Bernard CAVEtalk An implementation of Small Talk in the CAVE using an illiShell model.

11:00am Thursday 9 May 2002
John Karp Stochaster A real-time interactive stochastic photon-mapper in OpenGL.

11:30am Thursday 9 May 2002
George Francis: A restrospective on a ten year project to model the Phillips and the DeWitt sphere eversions, by Glenn Chappell, Chris Hartman, Stik Stiak, and Doug Nachand.