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CAVEcoaster: A lissajous coaster


This project involves exporting the coaster into the CAVE.The coaster is a program which draws simple lissajous curves which are given by the equations x=asin(nt +c) , y=bsin(t).The movement along the liassajous is done using a coaster.By pressing a key, you move into the cockpit mode,of the "rollercoaster".The CAVE is an acronym for Cave Automatic Virtual Enviornment which is used to simulate high leval graphics which cannot be rendered using normal pc's.It is run on SGI supercomputers with infinite reality graphics cards.This project helped me learn a lot of IrisGL and also programming for the CAVE, i.e. using the shared variables and the various CAVE functions.All programming i did was using IrisGL. If you want to learn more about the CAVE and programming for the CAVE you can visit:

In the CAVE simulator.

View from the cockpit

Here is an embedded picture.