Math 198, 1999 Edition

Instructor: Professor George Francis

Schedule for Project Presentations

Here is Monday Evening schedule of the 1999 final presentations
of the projects for Math 198 this week. 

I would like to remind all students that unless you are taking or
preparing for finals, you are expected to come to the presentations
of your colleagues.

The public is cordially invited to enjoy the 1999 presentations 

Wednesday 13 May 1999

2:00  (Set up time.)

2:30  Bob Pinta  "Billiards"

      This RTICA simulates a pooltable. It uses a particle system
      with multiple, simultaneous collisions and deflections. In 
      particular, the "break" is convincingly simulated. 

3:00  Steve Kohen "blobbyForth" 

      This CForth application contains primitives ("opcodes") calling 
      the NCSA Vanilla Soundserver and primitives for Blobbyman. Using
      the interpreter, one can learn how to match a music score to an
      animation and vice versa. 

3:30  Ande Croll "turtleDarts" 

      This CForth application compares the trajectory of a thrown 
      dart as computed from the ballistic equations and by a dicrete
      (corrected Euler) dynamical system. 
4:00  Jennifer Talmadge "javaTurtle"

      The establishment of the Java language as a major tool in 
      computer programming provides an opportunity to develop and 
      improve many "hippocket" programs in a Java environment. 
      This implementation of a Java version of "turtle geometry" 
      could be useful in exploring the advantages of using turtle 
      graphics in a language like Java. (Author's abstract.) 

4:30  Erik Stauffer "bumpyRoads" (CAVE) 
      This CAVE Toy takes the visitor on a thrilling roller coaster
      ride through space. Although the "vehicle" is controlled by
      the CAVE navigator and is free to move about the narrow road, it
      is prevented from leaving the track by invisible walls and
      forces. This is an development of Matt Hall's "Bumpercar".  

Thursday 14 May 1999

2:00 Feihong Hsu "javaPredator" 
     This project creates a Java programming environment and application
     for the study of predator-prey dynamical systems. There are two 
     panels, one for the phase-plane, the other for the time-series of
     trajectories the user initiates by clicking out the starting points.
     A Java interface permits the user to change parameters and equations.

2:00 Charles Huang "forthOrchestra"

     This CForth application continues the tradition of using CForth for 
     exploring specific instruments ("actors") and compositions (".aud files") 
     in VSS. The .aud file associated with the VSS "Crumbslider" was 
     adapted to a new composition, recorded by the author, to illustrate the 
     the usefulness of this combination.

3:00 Eddie McGillis "miniGolf" 

     This project journals the experience of constructing a 3D mini-golf
     hole RTICA based on the illiOpenSkelGlut prototype. The author learned
     Unix, C, OpenGL and some vector calculus not only in the grafiXlab and
     REL, but especially on his desktop PC using the X-windows program Exceed
     to connect to the SGIs in REL.

3:30 Jessica Jackson "Cloth"  
     This project constitutes the earliest steps in a long range program of
     creating a graphical user interface (GUI) for the design and cutting of
     cloth in the production of garments. The program design and the literature
     will be reviewd. An illiOpenSkelGlut application, in which the user 
     can pick and move arbitrary points on a square of material will be

4:00 Matthew Woodruff "javaPhaser"
     This is a re-creation in Java of the Alexei Bourd's 
     "illiPhaser" package for chaotic 3-D dynamical systems. 
     The Java application has a parser for interpreting 
      the mathematical formulas provided by the user, and 
     integrates the trajectories using the Runge-Kutta fourth
     order method.

4:30 Erik Stauffer "bumpyRoads" (CAVE) 
     Repeat performance for anyone who missed it on Wednesday.
George Francis