Math 198, 1997 Edition

Instructor: Professor George Francis

Teaching assistant: Chris Hartman

Schedule for Project Presentations

Here is the schedule of the 1997 final presentations
of the projects for Math 198, CS290 and Math490.

The public is cordially invited to participate.

Monday 12 May 1997

1:30 Euni Lee and Mark Ashton     illiPiano
     This is a TCL/tk based GUI replacing the 
     CForth interpreter in Angie McConnell's
     exploration of the fm-actor in Vanilla Sound 
     Server (vss) of the NCSA.  

2:00 An Le         Lila
     Draft implementation in C of a proposed readable
     and flexible language for simulating life-like
     2-dimensional cellular automata based on  Chris 
     Hartman's Linear Cellular Automata tutorial.       

2:30 Sara Allen    turtleCForth
     A realization of Abelson and diSessa's 3D Turtle geometry 
     in Robert Illyes' Forth compiler in C/gl. 

3:00 Ben Brothers  illiBridge 
     An interactive animation of a bridge structure which calculates 
     and displays the shear and bending moment forces due to a 
     variable and moving load.  

3:30 (open) 

4:00 Greg Kaiser  illiShOO++ (draft)
     Design of an object-oriented framework, in C++/OpenGL for  
     CAVE/console applications in the illiShell tradition. Brian 
     Klamik's Bird and the Skiers from Sounds and Vision '97 are
     experimental implementations of this idea. 
4:30 Tim Harahan illiGallery (CAVE)
     A virtual exhibition hall and test bed for rapid  
     CAVE/IDESK prototyping which showcases simple, independently
     developed animations written in  C/C++ and gl/OpenGL.  

Tuesday 13 May 1997

1:00 Falgun Kotadia  BlobbyMan 
     Realization and variation of Jim Blinn's celebrated puppet
     in GL as an illiSkel real-time interactive application.

1:30 Ken Leung       illiWaver 
     Real-time interactive realization of the 2-dimensional 
     wave equation using second forward differences and 
     variable characteristic parameters. 

2:00 AJ Johnson      illiMosfet(CAVE)     
     A real-time interactive CAVE animation simulating the
     percolation of electrons in a metal oxide semi-conductor
     field effect transistor.

2:30 Samir Shah      illiMagnet(CAVE) 
     Implementation of a module on the magnetic field lines of
     a bar magnet in Alex Bourd's illiPhaser real-time interactive
     CAVE animation of 3-D dynamical systems. 

3:00 Mike Daniels    illuSion  (CAVE)
     A realization of Scott Kim's generalization of Penrose's
     impossible tribar to a 3D figure which constitutes the 
     analogous optical illusion to a 4-dimensional observer. 

3:30 George Petrov   illiTower (CAVE) 
     A real-time interactive computer animation modeling and 
     changing the key proportions of two Chicago landmarks,
     the  Sears Tower and the John Hancock Building. 

4:00 Birgit Bluemer  graviLens (CAVE)
     This real-time, interactive CAVE animation simulates the 
     relativistic distortion of space in the presence of a 
     gravitational lens of variable mass.a 

4:30 Kevin Vlack     CAVE Gladiator 
     An illiShell94 derived action game with physics based
     ballistics, collisions and wave motions. Action is 
     controlled by intuitively obvious wand gestures.

George Francis