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Schedule of illiMath2008 Events

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This is Week 8, the final week of the REU
Events are in the REUlab, 102 Altgeld (AH), Beckman (BI) are so noted.

10:00 REUlab Pascal's Hexagon Mathfest Rehearsal Lisa Hickock
10:15 REUlab illiSol: A Modern OrreryMathfest Rehearsal Sam Ostling
10:30 REUlab Quasicrystal Mathfest Rehearsal Geoff Ehrman
10:50 REUlab The Celestial Mechanics Project Website Overview Will Davis
11:00 REUlab The caveMathematica Project Website Overview Chase Boren
11:10 REUlab The baREUcuda Project Website Overview Abdul Dakkak
11:20 REUlab How I learned to Split a Mandelbrot Website Overview Katie Poon
11:30 REUlab Islamic Mathematics Final Presentation Liz Rogers
11:45 REUlab The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra Discussion Liz Rogers

1:00 -- 5:00 CAVE All iMath08 Projects Rehearsals Public is invited to kibitz.

The CAVE is located in the basement of the Beckman Institute, B650
10:00 Lookahead Navigation in Virtual Environments Sam Ostling, with Camille Godeseune (ISL)
10:10 Quasicrystals Re-Viewed Geoff Ehrman, with Tony Robbin (New York)
10:20 illiConics Revived John Pacey, with Loren Evans (1990) and Chris Hartman (1993)

The caveMathematica project were mentored by Ulises Cervantes (WRI) and Jim Crowell (ISL)
10:30 Sub-Riemannian Geometry on Nil-manifolds caveMathematica Lisa Hickok, with Jeremy Tyson
10:40 The Triaxial Tritorus in the CAVE caveMathematica Katie Poon
10:50 A homotopy from the pseudo sphere to Kuen's surface caveMathematica Chase Boren.

The baREUcuda projects adapt NVIDIA's graphics cards as SIMD co-processors to Syzygy.
11:00 2D Navier Stokes Fluid Simulation baREUcuda Abdul Dakkak, with Jonathan Manton
11:15 Lattice Gas and Boltzman Cellular Automata baREUcuda Abdul Dakkak, with Jonathan Manton

11:30 Partiview Port to Syzygy Will Davis, with Stuart Levy (NCSA)

Wednesday -- Saturday Mathfest, Madison, Wisconsin