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Geoff Ehrman's REU Homepage


Preliminary notes on Dr. Tyson's lecture on Nil Geometry are available both as a pdf and as raw latex. I'm sure there are inaccuracies in these notes; the fault rests solely on the transcriber (me.) Corrections are very much appreciated.

Projections Group:

I'm the student Principle Investigater (spi) on the Projections Group. As far as I know, this name may still change. My group is interested in working on Quasicrystals, as well as other projects yet to be determined. Screenshots can be found here.

Team Members:
Geoff Ehrman - Team Leader
Unknowing Draftees to come

Other Projects:

I'm nothing if not interested in way too many things; as a result, I have a rather long list of projects that I'm interested in. (Something on the order of almost all of them.) When I have things relevant to those projects, they'll be posted here.



The glut library is needed to run Sam's nil.exe program. Place it in the C:\WINDOWS\system directory.
glut dll

To use Sam's nil.exe program, download it and double-click to run it. This file will only run under Windows.

About Me:

I'm a 23 year old rising senior theoretical math major at the University of Akron. I also work for the math department there, helping to run a computer lab - I'm a junior systems administrator if you like those sorts of titles. See our webpage here if you're interested.

For those of you interested in the newfangled past time of math blogging, I have a much neglected one here. Yes, I need to post more.