Click me r(o)t (b)inoc (s)kin sha(p)e fl(y) morp(h) (m)orph (f)ore (a)ft (z)ap
r(o)t (b)inoc (m)orp(h) sha(p)e (s)kin [z]ap fl(y) {f}ore {a}ft {>,<}evert
The illiMath Collective since 1991 to 2019
Morin-Denner-Apery-Hartman 1992 "cuboctahedral" eversion morp(h)s
Optiverse-Team "minimax" everersion 1996 (m)orphs
Topiary by Mimi Tsuruga, 2006, mavn.c by S. Levy 2019
Uses jsSkel31aug17 and glsimGKF.js by David Eck.
NB. Preliminary version. The beige/tan polyhedron undergoes the original Apery homotopy of its vertices with the morp(h) key which cycles forward-backward-stop. The yellow/cyan polyhedron is an topiary animation using topes computed by Mimi Tsuruga, and played in S Levy's experimental mavn algorithm. For mysterious reasons, the sha(p)es also have the Morin neckeversion, and some eye candy for comparison.