morp(h) sha(p)e r(o)t (b)inoc (s)kin (g)ap fl(y) (z)ap (f)ore (a)ft
Keyboard input varies from toggles to sliders
(z)apper re-initializes some of the paramaters
sha(p)er cycles through five homotopies
The (b)inocular vision is cross-eyed.
Step through a (h)omotopy with (>)/(<) on the comma/period keys
A "slider" widens the ribbon [g]ap, flies the camera [f]oreward/[a]ft by holding the shift-key down to reverses the action of the key.
Some buttons act differently from keys to accommodate device limitations.
fl(y)/t(y)rn toggles center of rotation between object and camera
Angular velocity is zero when mouse is at center of window.

The illiMath Collective since 1991 to 2019
Original five.c by Bernard Morin, Francois Apery, Chris Hartman, George Francis. 1992
Generic homotopy creating pinchpoint parasites by Morin and Francis 1981, Jinlin Xu 2019. Conversion to five.html by Jinlin Xu 2019 and Francis 2018

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