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Fall 2000 Course Description:

Review session Tuesday 8-10pm rm 159 AH

Study Guide for the Final

Note the precise definition of Weierstrass's criterion in the specifications for Project 3 . Also note that our final examination is on Thursday evening, Dec 14.

Project 4 as handed out in class.

Website projects

Studyguide for the Hourly.

Frequently asked questions.


Professor George Francis
11:00 am MWF
343 Altgeld Hall
Contact:, 344 Illini Hall, 333-4794
Text:C.H.Edwards,Jr., The Historical Development of the Calculus

This lecture/project course has five threads that follow chapters 1,2, 3&4, 8 and 9 of the textbook.

1. Pre-Archimedian Greek mathematics.

2. Archimedes invents the calculus, almost.

3. Mathematics takes 1800 years to catch up.

4. Newton really invents the calculus.

5. How we got from Newton to your first Calculus course.

Students will be asked to complete five documentation projects, one in each of the five themes. A project may take the form of an oral report, a research essay, a hypertext document, a lesson using a symbolic calculation program, a JAVA applet, a physical model, a computer graphic or animation. The form and content of a proposed project is open to negotiation, and adapted to the interest and skill of the student. The timely and satisfactory completion of all five ``contracts'' suffices for a perfect grade on the projects. There will be a 50 minute midterm exam and a 3 hour final. Each project and the midterm comprise 11% of the grade, and the final is worth 33% of the grade.

You are encouraged to consult with the instructor and graders by e-mail, so get your e-mail machinery in gear. Check this website for course updates and answers to frequently asked questions.