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Announcements 2016

Apropos Administrivia

The section on Room Keys and Rules is moot. The rest applies but with modifications TBA.

Apropos Advice (=

(Open Advice in another tab to see what this all about.)
1. Browser Check and Logic
This serves two purposes. The second purpose, to make sure that your browser can interpret math symbols and structures correctly, is not essential right from the start. Just be aware that unless your browser is Firefox, or has the necessary extensions (as for Chrome, Safari or IE), some equations and symbols in some of the lessons in the course can appear to be mistyped because your browser is unable to interpret MathML correctly.
2. Infosheet.
This is your weekly schedule (as you know it currently) and is most easily filled out on paper. It is used for planning extra lab time and asks for some rudimentary information to help the instructor.
The online version of the form in Advice is also an exercise in using the simplest image handling techniques:
3. Journal
This feature is essential here. Learning how to keep an intellectual journal (which is not diary) is an important skill. As soon as circumstances permit after the 2nd week of classes, the Journals are checked by the instructor. So please read this lesson.

Items 4-8 are not of immediate significance. It will prove useful to know where to find them again when you need this advice.

9. Project Proposal
You should read this since the class project is the most important part of the course. As requested by former students on their course evaluations for many years, this year (2016) the project will begin much earlier. The main difference from the past is that a proof-of-concept pre-project based on a pre-proposal will be examined for feasibility before you commit with a final proposal described described here.

Items 10-13 can also be neglected for now.

Apropos Quadrics

This lesson is not assigned for the duration.

Apropos Labs

There are no labs scheduled for this week. The room is not ready yet.