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Solved homework for week 1 . On Surface Integrals for week 2 . On Gauss' Divergence Theorem in week 3 . On Divergence in Cylindrical and Spherical coordinates week4. On the Metric Tensor in Sph.Coords and Line Integrals week6. On the midterm given in week7.

Spring 1998 Course Description:

ADVANCED CALCULUS for Engineering and Science Applications, Math 280 B1

Professor George Francis
9:00 am MWF
148 Henry Building
Contact:, 344 Illini Hall, 333-4794
Office hours: by appointment, by e-mail, by phone.
Lab: UIMATH.grafiXlab, 102 Altgeld Hall, 3-5565.
Text: H.M.Schey, Div Grad Curl and All That, Norton, NY, 1997

We quote from the introduction to the little paper back we'll be using for this course as the primary text.

"...the subject of vector calculus is presented in the context of simple electrostatics. We follow this procedure for two reasons. First, much of vector calculus was invented for use in electromagnetic theory and is ideally suited to it. ... Second, we have a deep seated conviction that mathematics -- in any case some mathematics -- is best discussed in a context which is not exclusively mathematical."

To which I may add that a third reason is that every educated engineer and scientist should some time or other learn the beauty of this century old discipline and work with it in the manner its originators intended them to. Of course, the student is urged to acquire, as desk reference and background source, the standard text by Kaplan used for this course. Finally, we will not restrict our imagination just to electrostatics, but include fluid dynamics and many other mechanical examples of the 3-dimensional calculus.

The final is at 8am, Friday, 15may98. The midterm is on Friday, 6mar98. Semester project proposal is due Friday, 3apr98; the project is due Friday, 1may98. Homework is required. Quizzes will be announced. Additional information concerning homework, tests, field trips and special events will appear on this webpage.