Syzygy 1.0 does not compile out of the box on the AMD 64-bit platform nor on Mac OS X for Intel. Most of these changes were to comply with changes in GCC and to correct assumptions that pointers are 32-bits (not always true anymore). The following is released under the BSD v2 license. For license information Click Here.

For completeness a patch file that works against the szg-1.0 distribution and a complete Syzygy distribution with the changes already made are provided. Two files are also provided below documenting the reasons for the specific changes on both of the newly supported platforms. These changes have not been strenuously tested and they are released as-is. This distribution was tested on Fedora Core 5 64-bit and Mac OS 10.4.5 for Intel.

To use the patch file, download szg-1.0-linux-amd64-darwin-x86.patch from the link below and save it into your szg-1.0 directory. Next, from your szg-1.0 directory execute: patch -p0 < szg-1.0-linux-amd64-darwin-x86.patch. NOTE: This distribution breaks compilation on linux distributions for non AMD-64bit processors and Mac OS X for PowerPC. This is due to changes in Makefile.vars. To compile again on linux, change -march=k8 to your processor of choice on lines 75 and 77 of ./build/Makefile.vars. For Mac OS X, readd -DAR_BIG_ENDIAN on lines 185 and 187.


szg-1.0 patch file
szg-1.0 full distribution with changes
Changes done for AMD 64-bit on Linux
Changes done for Mac OS X on Intel


Andrew Ofisher