Miscellaneous Graphics Tools

\textit{$\C$ 2010, Prof. George K. Francis, Mathematics Department, University of Illinois} \begin{document} \maketitle \begin{document} \section{On the Lab Macs in 102, 139 AH ad 24 IH} Use the Spotlight (upper right icon that looks like a magnifying glass.) If your mouse dwells on the item, Spotlight will even tell you where to find the item on your computer. \subsection{iPaint} This is located in /Applications. You can put and keep a linking icon in the dock. \subsection{GEX 2.0} The current version of the Geometry Explorer may not be the one in the Dock. In Spotlight, this one is named just \textit{GeometryExplorer} while 2.0 is called \textit{GeometryExplorerOSX}. \subsection{KSEG} Should be in /Applications too. \subsection{Xfig} This is the executable \texttt{ /sw/bin/xfig }, locate in the Fink utilities tree \texttt{ /sw}. Note, since this is not an Apple thing, it does not show up in the Finder or Spotlight. You'll just have to use a shell window and your keyboard.