Please substitute your netid for each occurrence of "ivanho2".

Semester Project

Your project is incomplete unless all of the following requirements are met.

Class work other than project

In the foyer of your project (i.e. in class198f14/ivanho2/), but not in the public_html/ (unless it is linked into your index.html), place copies of all the work you did for the course, such as any esperiments in DPgraph, Vpython, PyOGL, Turtlegraphics, Javascript and any reports, papers you presented to the class. You do not have to link all of this into your webpage. But I and your mentors will look and evaluate it.

How public is public

Remember that only ivanhoe/public_html will be reachable from the web. A copy separate from the repository of this folder will be published on the web.

Reasons for the above requirements

Here are the principles from which the above requirements follow, and on which basis the requirements can be ammended.