This ZIP file contains all the source code for the rotation simulator, plus compiled versions for Windows in the /dist directory. The compiled versions should run cleanly right out of the box without any further dependencies. To run or build from source, you will need Python 3.5 or higher (instructions), plus the PyOpenGL library and some form of GLUT. (New releases of Python should not conflict with old ones if launched through the py -3.5 command.)

The gyro_plot.py program takes no arguments. The rtica.py one takes up to three, though all are optional: first the number of dimensions, then the rendering mode (face or edge), then the bar style (box or bar).

Once the program is running, gyro_plot needs no further input. In rtica, press the spacebar to apply a random impulse to the bar, or press two numbers (representing dimensions) in sequence to apply a unit force at a particular point and direction. The arrows will show the direction, magnitude, and position of the impulses.

Download here.