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Swimmer.Py: A project in VPython 2015

By Emily Stanfield


The purpose of my project is to demonstrate the movements that make up swimming. My inspiration came from projects done by Gillian Smith (Bicycle Man, 2013) and Ramya Babu (Swimming Man, 2013) and Sarah Hovey (Workout Guy, 2010). My goal for this project is to use the blobby man from past projects, like Sarah's, and reprogram him to swim like Swimming Man using VPython. Since I didn't know much about coding, I used code from previous projects and then changed it to better suit my project. The main goal of this project was to make the blobby man move in a straight line across the screen. In the future, I could also create a program with more than one blobby man racing.

Crawl Stroke

Back Stroke

Back Stroke

Back Stroke


Here are my links :)


Special Features

The following are my exercises leading up to the project. They are now just interesting links.
  • My first experience with hypergrafix: my DPGraph nano-project.
  • My first webpage My first webpage .
  • Fun with my Journal of a Turtle Graphics! experiment.
  • Here is somebody else's cool video WatchThis.