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Created by Haenah Kim

Made within the course MATH 198/CS 199 under instruction of Professor George Francis

Meet Flightagain

He is a red-tailed hawk, first generation of his line to live in the VPython world. Eventually a gif of his abilities will be posted, but until then... Enjoy major milestones in the birth of Flightagain as well as "weekly" updates to his progress. Links to the preproposal, proposal, seminar presentation, documentation, presentation, and commented code are linked on the bottom.

The bare bones of Flightagain. He is missing his feathers and his tail has not flattened into a triangle (it is a cone). More knowledge of VPython was needed to get any further.

Flightagain has wings! After playing around with individual feathers, I have decided to just use two boxes (one for each part of the wing) to show the feathers. A texture will need to be created so some feathers can get on those wings.

Here is Flightagain flying for the first time! More modifications will happen so he can do more than just flap his wings forever.

The above are Flightagain taking off and diving! Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Flightagain was unable to learn how to land, but his general flight is absolutely beautiful. So proud of how my little hatchling turned into this beautiful bird.


October 16, 2015 - A skeleton is being made in bare minimums (aka joints with arrows for limbs) on PowerPoint. Currently unfinished as of 2:29 am on 10/16/2015. Multi-view sketches are being drawn in my journal. Currently, only a side view of the take-off has been made. It lacks a lot of in-between stages; I am debating about making a storyboard-like collection of all sketches once the multi-view ones are done. I have yet to explore VPython. Since CS 101 will be using Anaconda as the command shell for python, I will try to use that as well for VPython.

October 23, 2015 - The proposal background has been essentially finished. Frames have been started to be sketched. Hopefully, frames will be finished by next Friday.

October 28, 2015 - The proposal has been finished; I need to find pictures; I should probably finish that skeleton.

November 9, 2015 - I am very behind. I need to find some mentor that knows VPython.

November 11, 2015 - I have added my seminar. A basic shape of the haw has come about, attmepting to make feathers and a tail now.

November 16, 2015 - I have finished a "final" structure of the hawk (shown above). It is now time to animate.

November 20, 2015 - A working python script now exists within the repository, though it currently requires the aid of the PIL library. The lines requiring this library have been commented out and will be adjusted later. The wings do not flap as continuously as it does on my own personal computer, but it flaps.

December 4, 2015 - Flightagain can now crudely take flight as well as fly. I am now working on getting the texture to work properly on the wings as well as getting Flightagain to dive as well as land.

Future Projects

If you are interested in furthering this project, facebook me (as the only one with my legal name in America, it should be easy) and I can give you some more direction as to what I wanted to do with Flightagain. Otherwise, my only requirement is that the next bird is named as another play on words. Flightagain comes from Finnegan. Please do mark which generation it is, and if possible, link yourself below with the name in the following format.

Bird Name - Generation # - link

Flightagain - 1 - HERE

Click to see preproposal

Click to see proposal

Click to see the seminar

Click here to see the documentation

Click here to see the presentation

Click here to see a commented version of my code

It should be noted that the annoted code requires the use of VPython's PIL library.