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3D Pong: A multi-dimensional remake of America's favorite game

Weedly Updates

Week 9

Studied Bruce Sherwood's "" in order to understand how to code collisions between a moving particle (the ball in my case)

Week 10

Coded my own and put it in the repository as "". View the code here!

Week 11

Began working to fill up my repository and update my public_html file. Also, added more to my "".

Week 12

Finished my proof of concept.

Week 13

Finished my final proposal.

Week 14

Pong is finally complete. User controls and AI are now fully implemented. Runs with a bit of lag, but that comes with VPython not being ideal for this program.

Week 15

Working to finish the presentation materials. Also added a few things to the program itself. Added speed changes based on what part of the paddle the ball hits. Should create an easier victory for the player.