3D Rubik's Cube by Jonathan Pickett

Week 9

This week, I found many different examples of javascript code that people used to make 3D cubes. Many of these were rotating around, usually via a sin or cos funciton. However, I do not wish to have my cube rotate continuously. By looking at these examples, I did see a few different perspectives on how to create a 3D cube in canvas. I am unsure which graphics library to use when giving the cube 3D perspective, however.

Week 10

I began working on my presentation this week after viewing a few presentations that have run through. Incorporating LaTeX into the presentation will be something I need to look up. Work on my project has continued, but I am having difficulty making any of the code I write work as I try to transcribe a cube into 3D using canvas.

Goals for the end of week 11

1. Create a cube in canvas that is composed of smaller cubes, like a Rubik's cube.
2. Finish presentation so that the weekend can be spent preparing for the unveiling of it