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Hypershot is a first-person shooter with hyperbolic trajectories. Its interface resembles a classic first-person shooter, allowing the player to move in an environment and fire projectiles. The goal of the project is to provide a sandbox for players to try and understand the characteristics of hyperbolic space.

Past Work


Current Tasks

  • Add path tracing for projecitles
  • Add functionality for a person in Euclidean space to watch the hyperbolic trajectories.
  • Add more controls on the wand (switching between hyperbolic and parabolic trajectories, for example)
  • Build collision system in an object-oriented way (so that it can be expanded later)
  • Add more weapons! Such as a double-barreled shotgun

Current Build Notes

  • 3 firing projectiles
  • Basic environment and no working collisions
  • Hyperbolic translation of all projectiles (in hyperbolic space)
  • Pressing 0 on the wand will replay the firing animation
  • Pressing 1 on the wand will fire a projectile in the direction of the wand. This is a bit buggy, though.

Current Research

The following are links to website describing the mathematics behind Hypershot. These are external links, use at your own risk!


Hypershot Screenshot
Hypershot Screenshot
Hypershot Screenshot
Hypershot Screenshot
Hypershot Screenshot

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