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Showing the Muscles

Because of my limited knowledge of programming changing the color of muscles proved a little diffuclt for me. After multiple failed tries I found this function online that I ended up using in my program.

Only this one colorChange function was defined. But it had to be applied to each muscle seperately because they did not change color at the same times.

Each "muscle" was created with an ellipsoid just as the legs were. Each "muscle" does not represent a single muscle, but the large groups of muscles that most people know. The muscle groups shown are the hamstring, the quad, the calf, the shin muscles. The gluteus maximus is the only single muscle shown. The time each muscle is shown was approximated from a diagram I disscussed in my seminar . The diagram is shown below. I say that I apporximated because, I only changed the muscles in quarters. In the diagram you can see that many of the muscles stop working somewhere between 90°and 180° or 180° and 270° etc. However, in the interest of time I only made changes at 90°, 180°, 270°, and 360°. I simply approximated to the closest.