maze4Dcube: Four-Dimensional Maze for the Cube

Chee Haw Chan, Math 198


This program generates a predetermined 4D maze for the user to explore. It was written in C to be used in SZG/the Cube.

Simulator view of maze4Dcube in Aszgard


maze4Dcube is a program originally written by Pelsmajer. It has been worked on by many others in the interim. My involvement with the program was to make it compatible with the Cube by giving it button mappings for the Cube clicker. I ended up creating a menu system as there was a limited number of buttons on the clicker. However, it turns out that the program has more serious problems and can't yet run properly in the Cube. The fourth-dimensional rotations and the demo flythrough do not work and need to be fixed. The professor and I looked through the program and found suspicious code in several functions but we didn't have enough time to patch it up before the end of the semester.

Button Mappings

The button mappings I created for the Cube clicker are as follows:



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