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illiArt: A Three Dimensional Visualization of Two Dimensional Art 2009


For my final project I plan to use VPython to transform a two-dimensional painting, On White II by Wassily Kandinsky, into a three-dimensional environment. The idea is that the viewer of the program will be able to travel inside of the painting to view all of its elements from different angles. Although the painting itself obviously can't move, my three dimensional interpretation of the work will include moving components. For example, the painting features a figure that looks like an abstract clock. This will become a working clock in the VPython program. Here is the painting I will use:

This week I made progress in setting up everything necessary to begin the project. I downloaded and installed VPython 2.6 for Windows on my own PC. I also measuered and set up a grid over the painting. This will act as a coordinate system so that the placement of the shapes relative to each other in the three dimensional environment will accurately reflect the actual painting.

I have begun making some of the shapes from the painting in VPython using the "faces" command and frames. I'll have this done soon and will start deciding how to make the shapes more interesting.