The MidiInputActor is used to read midi messages coming in the serial port of the computer VSS is running on. It works on Irix 6.2 and higher, not Irix 5.3.

To use the MidiInputActor implementation, load midi.so and create an actor of type MidiInputActor. Then use BeginSound to create a handler which you can assign to another midi actor's input with its SetInput message. For example:

aIn = Create MidiInputActor;
sIn = BeginSound aIn;
aOut = Create MidiOutputActor;
sOut = BeginSound aOut SetInput sIn;

implements a simple "midi thru box".


The MidiInputActor understands no messages beyond those understood by all Generator actors.


Before starting VSS, type "startmidi -n vss31 -d /dev/ttyd2" at a shell prompt.
Use serial port 2, not serial port 1; some versions of IRIX have difficulty using port 1.
The option -n vss31 is required.