The AmplitudeAnalyzer measures (or "tracks") the amplitude of its input in 128-sample windows. It sends this measurement directly to a VSS client, or via a message group other actors.

To use the AmplitudeAnalyzer implementation, load and create an actor of type AmplitudeAnalyzer.


In addition to the messages understood by all Generator actors, the AmplitudeAnalyzer understands the following messages:
SetRate hActor rate
Set rate for subsequent analyses (default is zero).

AmplitudeAnalyzer handler messages

In addition to the messages understood by all handlers, the handler for the AmplitudeAnalyzer algorithm understands the following messages. If the optional parameter time is specified in any of the following messages, then the corresponding parameter is linearly modulated from the old value to the specified value over the duration of time seconds after receipt of the command.
SetMessageGroup hActor name
Specify which message group the analyses are to be regularly sent to. The format of the analysis is an array with a single element, which is the maximum amplitude measured in the most recent window of 128 samples (i.e., *0).
SetRate hActor rate
Set the rate in Hz at which the message group should be called with a new analysis result. Defaults to zero, which means that the message group is not called at all.
Analyze hActor
Measure amplitude right now. The VSS client application should immediately call actorGetReplyData() after this message is sent, to get the result of the analysis.