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(backspace) reset
(spacebar) freeze/unfreeze mouse
(0) rotate camera
(joint_id) place track at:
(a): r_wrist, (s): r_elbow, (d): r_shoulder, (f):r_scapula
(g): l_scapula, (h): l_shoulder, (j): l_elbow, (k):l_wrist
(z): r_ankle, (x): r_knee, (c): r_hip
(v): l_hip, (b): l_knee, (n): l_ankle
(q): skullbase, (w): cervical2, (e): cervical4
(r): sternum, (t): thoracic10, (y): lumbar3, (u): sacrum
(alt)(joint_id) view from (joint_id)
(ctrl)(joint_id) pin the body at (joint_id)
(1,2,..,9) anchor the track at 1,2,..,9 nodes above (towards the tree root)
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