CubeMathematica - Rendering Notebooks in the Cube

The caveMathematica project was started by Ulises Cervantes-Pimentel, Senior Kernel Developer at Wolfram Research, and Mimi Tsuruga, 2006 REU student. The program uses MathLink, which is part of the Mathematica package, to link Mathematica to Syzygy for display originally in the CAVE and now in the Cube. We established that caveMathematica.exe is compatible with Mathematica 8 Beta, and adapted a couple examples that Dr. Francis had wanted to see in the Cube. However, we still found that it would be desirable to recompile a new version of the program. This would hopefully involve the addition of consistent coloring (color displays in the Cube only at times) and perhaps include additional functionality for the GPU-related aspects of Mathematica 8. I was given the Visual Studio files for caveMathematica and put some reasonable effort into recompiling it. After fixing a few dozen linking issues with the aid of Abdul Dakkak from Wolfram Research and former REU student (2008), I came upon several dozen errors in the code which were prohibitive to resolve in the time available.

The project was then shifted to make the existing setup clearer for the typical user comfortable with Mathematica but not the Cube apparatus. I simplified, clarified, and applied some cosmetic improvements to the caveMathematica notebook, in the form of a new notebook called CubeMathematica. I then formulated another notebook of examples, illustrating the Mathematica functions that caveMathematica can handle, with a basic tutorial for Mathematica users to modify their graphics for display in the Cube.