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The "illiMath Collective" consists of students, collaborators and contributors to the invention and dissemination of real-time interactive computer animation in mathematics.

The principal historical components of illiMath were/are the
* UIMATH.AppleLab (102 Altgeld Hall) 1983-1994
* Renaissance Experimental Lab (NCSA/Beckman) 1989-1995
* Math 428 "Geometrical Graphics"
* Math 198 "Hypergraphics"
* UIMATH.grafiXlab (102 Altgeld Hall) 1995-2006
* REU Lab (102 Altgeld Hall) 2007--

Association with similar enterprises
* Electronic Visualization Lab (UI Chicago)
* National Center for Supercomputing Applications (UIUC)
* Geometry Center (U. Minnesota) 1990-1998
* Integrated Systems Laboratory (Beckman Institute, UIUC)
* PORTAL, Technical University of Berlin
* DiVE, Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University