tesserpov.py contains a model of a 4-hypercube (i.e., a tesseract) which is projected to 3-space. The user may rotate the hypercube with 6 degrees of freedom, while observing the effect of the rotations on the 3-dimensional projection. The object is further projected to 2-space, as a shadow on the floor of the virtual space.

The user may also make a copy of the object, which can be rotated and translated with the handheld controller. Additionally, one may switch from a perspective view of the virtual world to a set of views described by orthographic camera projection.


SZG buttonAction
0Cycle through rotation switches.
Rotation parallel to xy -> yz -> xz -> xt -> yt -> zt -> xy.
1Toggle selected rotation switch.
2Activate handheld copy of hypercube (toggle).
3Cycle through POV-Ray render resolutions:
Square; h=w=128 -> 64 -> 32 -> 256 -> 128.
4Toggle rotation speed: slow/fast.
5Toggle camera projection type: perspective/orthographic.
6Reverse direction of rotation.
7Toggle text display: on/off.