How do I use to view my POV-Ray scene in Syzygy?

The script is intended to allow you quickly to bring a POV-Ray scene into Syzygy. Important points to remember:


  1. Make sure a copy of and a copy of are saved in a directory on the path of your Syzygy shell. On my computer running Aszgard, I put them in \aszgard\user\szgpov\ .
  2. Save a copy of your POV-Ray scene file in the same directory as; name the .pov file szgpovscn.pov.
  3. Copy any files required by your scene (POV-Ray include files, bitmaps, text files, etc.) into the same directory as szgpovscn.pov. Double-check path references of #include and/or #fopen statements in the scene file (/files); correct as needed.
  4. For animated scenes: By default, cycles through clock values from 0 to 1. The increment is clockDelta, found in POVApp.__init__( ); 0.01 is the default value, giving 100 frames per cycle. This allows to preserve animation of objects, light sources, etc.
    Automatic animation of the primary camera doesn't make much sense in the head-tracked VR setting; places the Syzygy camera definition at the end of the scene, overriding the primary camera defined in your existing POV-Ray scene file. (MegaPOV's camera_view camera/pigment system should be unaffected, although this has not been tested, since render speed is already an issue with only one camera.) For further info, see the POV-Ray (3.6) for Windows Help documentation, section Animation Options. (From the IPython prompt in Aszgard, type ``povdoc''.)
  5. Run from your Syzygy shell. For example,

You may try a POV-Ray scene animating a "Helicoid-Catenoid morph" as an example. (Equations from Pacific Tech's Graphing Calculator for Macintosh and Windows.) Remember to save this in the same directory with the files above, and change its name to szgpovscn.pov.