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Calendar for illiMath2002 Events

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Week of 17 June 2002

Monday 17jun02
10:00 grafiXlab General Meeting: 110PCLab, MathFest, Java
10:30 grafiXlab Presentation: Amit's Illustrated Analyst Solution
11:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Illustrated Analyst: Week 2; Karen Shuman
2:00 110 PCLab Workshop: Preparing Machines for Projects
3:00 grafiXlab Presentation: MathFest 2001 video
3:30 grafiXlab General Meeting: Chores and Lessons for the Week

Tuesday 18jun02
10:00 grafiXlab Seminar: OpenGL: Part 1; George Francis
3:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Numeric Integration Methods; Brad Henry
4:00 grafiXlab Group Meeting: BCoaster

Wednesday 19jun02
10:00 110 PCLab Seminar and Presentation: Intro to Java and the Java Environment; Ben Farmer and Amit Chatwani
2:30 grafiXlab Presentation: T-Shirt Ideas from Amit Chatwani
3:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Cardinal Splines; George Francis

Thursday 20jun02
10:00 grafiXlab Seminar: OpenGL: Part 2; George Francis
Afternoon Work Session

Friday 21jun02
10:00 110 PCLab Seminar: Reviewing Woodruff's Java Phaser Code; George Francis
11:30 grafiXlab General Meeting Working on T-Shirt Design Ideas
Afternoon Work Session