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Calendar for illiMath2002 Events

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Week of 10 June 2002

Monday 10jun02
10:00 grafiXlab General Meeting: Introduction to the Program; George Francis
11:00 grafiXlab Seminar: The Illustrated Analyst; Karen Shuman
3:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Tantrix; Elizabeth Denne
4:30 grafiXlab Seminar: Phillips and DeWitt Eversions; George Francis

Tuesday 11jun02
10:00 grafiXlab General Meeting: Overview of Chores and Procedures; George Francis
11:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Train Tracks; Peter Brinkman
3:00 Altgeld 143 Seminar: Foams and Bubbles; Hassan Aref

Wednesday 12jun02
10:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Programming Tantrix and Foams; John Sullivan
3:00 grafiXlab General Meeting: Reviewing Seminars Heard Thus Far; George Francis

Thursday 13jun02
11:00 grafiXlab Seminar: Bishop Coaster; Paul McCreary
3:00 grafiXlab General Meeting: George Francis

Friday 14jun02
9:30 CUBE and CAVE (Beckman Institute) Seminar: Alice in the Cave; Ben Schaeffer
11:30 Altgeld Lounge REU Pizza Lunch